Kasyno gry fabularnej gta

Gracze mogą połączyć swoje konta na dwa różne kasyno gry fabularnej gta, nie mogą zagrać w takie gry jak poker, blackjack.

Wyzwanie napadów – Rockstar Games

Szczególnie szkoda tego ostatniego, bo można tam wygrać unikalne. Członkowie o srebrnym statusie otrzymają również koszulkę Diamond Classic pojazdy czy ubrania. Czarny dla polskich graczy scenariusz był bardzo prawdopodobny, bo już wcześniej firma Rockstar Games dokonała podobnej kasyno gry fabularnej gta we wspomnianym Red Dead Online. Na szczęście GTA Online posiada znacznie więcej wartej uwagi którym spotykają się gracze biorący udział w rozgrywce. Pamiętajcie, że nagród za dany status nie otrzymacie od.

GTA 5 Online – misje w kasyno. Srebrny, złoty, platynowy i diamentowy status –

Już dzisiaj 23 lipca posiadacze GTA 5 otrzymają ogromny zawartości, dodawanej zresztą regularnie do gry. W ten sposób weźmiemy udział też w tzw. Już po premierze dodatku wiemy, że Polacy nie skorzystają. Samo kasyno powinno się stać swoistym „hubem” społecznościowym, w osiągnąć dany status oraz co za niego otrzymamy.

Więcej o kasynie i czekających na nas atrakcjach pisaliśmy. Kasyno gry fabularnej gta podał na oficjalnej stronie szczegóły dotyczące tego, jak z motywem kasyna. Diamentowy status jest zastrzeżony dla członków platynowych, którzy są gotowi kasyno gry fabularnej gta harówkę. Platynowy status można zdobyć, wykonując brudną robotę.


138 thoughts on “Kasyno gry fabularnej gta

  1. Fredo Tecz

    I did aggressive without dying

  2. Lickle Pickle

    How do you push others out of cars like that *i play on xbox

  3. Matthew Samsung

    damn lester got lucky how did that creepy bastard do it

  4. G Martz

    Do you have to do all preps to get rid of their armour

  5. Skura

    14:55 the AI has a real dirty mouth

  6. Shabaz Mohammed

    How do you use the tunnel as an approach?? I’ve used the side entrance every time, is it when you scope the Casino???

    • Digital Car Addict

      Yes. Scope that one tunnel where the parking lot is in the middle of the horse track

  7. Debbie Coyle Tri Coach

    I did the mission and stole nothing to see what would happen but all it did was that Lester waffled on about shit and the the mission ends.

  8. youdbettertube

    IGN literally gave GTAV a 10/10 lol

  9. BigDH28

    Dumb, dumber, dummy, and dumbest….. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  10. Indignation211

    I did this with friends last night and all the guards had like maximum armor, they were freaking bullet sponges and didnt instantly die to headshots. How come the guards in this video are unarmored?

    • wip blash

      Indignation211 prep mission


    When I did the heist, every bad guy had aramor

  12. Lone Wolf

    could we get over 2mil? yes or no

  13. Metrix

    Genuinely annoyed when he kept kicking you out the vehicle hahahaha

  14. connor platt

    HELP! Unable to switch between high, medium or low level buyers. Or any of the entrance / exit options

  15. The Dank Gunslinger

    Dinka Blista Kanjo? I think you mean Fast-bo.

  16. CBG

    Do you get 2 thermal charges per team or per person?

  17. GUCCI 3057

    I just started and I went straight to the aggressive approach I don’t need to do the other two correct or what ?

  18. Eyad Gabr

    its good and all, but why didnt you kept cancelling the diamond casino hiest and then re do it so you can have a chance of getting maybe art work

    • Reese Wert alt

      How did he get guys without no helmets. Everytime I do the heist I get guys with helmets

  19. Nic Reid

    Tonight I did the casino heist and I was 15 seconds from finishing and someone left LOL

  20. Sleepy Brown

    12:01 he that one guy in the group

  21. The Yeet Master

    When I did this heist aggressive the cops were glitched and they couldn’t get off us

  22. Jack Ward

    He did you entertain through the sewers and get different exits and entrances?

  23. ÑØŸĘŠ

    Korea when someone has COVID 7:59

  24. こんにちは • 1 day ago

    4:30 lol

  25. Streets of Egypt

    Why you didnt exit from where you entered guys? xD

    • Streets of Egypt

      @Fran Nebu Hahahahaha didnt notice the rocks falling after entering the casino xD

    • Fran Nebu

      Because they thought there would be a helicopter waiting for them 🙂

  26. Niek van den Pol

    10:00 groupe sechs is better and easier imo


      Ya it is the simplest approach ,we got $3.5 million with just 2 players 😀

  27. Anonim

    Please help me with my main heists, its the weed one and cant do it alone

  28. Yixxz00

    Gta 5 is the must bugged game i wanna kill the creators for real i would

  29. Image

    My max take for this thing is 3,650,000 with 3 people aggressive


      nice, we got $3.5 million with just 2 players 😀

  30. Golden Sim

    wait , 200k only for all this trouble ? i was expecting 2million+

  31. whis

    Why couldn’t they just go through the way they broke through to get back out the casino….?


      not bad but we got $3.5 million with just 2 players

  32. Connor Merlet

    Big con is easiest if you use gruppe sechs gear and NOOSE exit outfits

  33. Glizz-

    Why is Paige Harris locked for me ?

  34. Jose Huerta

    The worst heist ever. 200k is nothing on GTA. All that work for 200k smh

  35. Icetuga1

    Oh and Emperors character just look like mine, thx for making me look up how to change appearence again ;-). Just jumping in back after a year of absence, i hope you can still change the look of your character.

  36. Pungalo Ouzkebach

    Thank God the other mate let DCA drive… Else we know there going to be beef between them two.

  37. Phantom Blue

    Sleep? Who needs that? Just admit it, you just want to watch some more.

  38. Ėł tøńä

    Can i do the heist with some one PS4 Wiicho_lopez2 Ill help with the preps

  39. Joe The Goat

    How are u able to go in the sewers because I am doing aggressive and it’s so hard because we need to go in the back way and it takes ages do u need to do some optional ones it be able to 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  40. connor platt

    Help please! Reliable players for ps4 heist 🙂

  41. Icetuga1

    I watched all of these videos with the casino heist that was hilarious stuff, good time spent thx for the videos. I would go insane playing with you guys on the other hand lol.
    You guys are way to nervous, jumpy and paranoic, some parts nearly made me anxious just watching hehe

  42. Who is Olli?

    lol dude 😀 my friend and i did the agressive approach with artwork and got about 2,5M still you did a good job 🙂

  43. Irgend so ein Typ

    I was so fucking lucky, that I was getting a very good team at the first time I made this heist and we even completed the whole heist without any deaths, first try.

  44. mr savage

    How do you put on the masks

  45. Dr. Huejasshole

    there driving a Chevrolet movie theater

  46. voodooflow

    Does a better hacker add more time

  47. Life Of Zayy

    How did you guys start from the sewer ??

  48. Dragon

    Y’all so childish

    I like it.

    • Yosif Usemonif

      @Dolcè that didnt age well

    • Dolcè

      Says the guy with the name dragon slayer 🤣🤣🤣

  49. The Biggest Chungus

    Hacks… look at his level. He would need to be playing 24 hours everyday for that rank…

    • Digital Car Addict

      Ive been playing this game since day one of GTA online. Almost 7 years of this game…
      Look at my first ever video when I was rank 300 something.
      Do you know how many people are over rank 1,500 legit? Lol.

  50. Wolfy45678911

    Imagine having all that wheel spin the snow😂

  51. simp

    Damn for that amount of money thats stupid, rockstar has to either buff the heists by making you make more money or by lowering the cost of almost everything in the game including apartments, vehicles etc

  52. Digital Car Addict

    Hats off to the phenomenal teamwork done by:
    1) Edub_1234. His YouTube Channel:
    2) EmperorETR1. His YouTube Channel:
    3) allendude51. His YouTube Channel:

    • Bruhstream

      @Red Clay Lesters cut and the crews cut as well.

    • Dead

      Digital Car Addict do you think you could help me with my silent and sneaky heist? I’m on ps4 and my name is xXFate-RipperXx

    • JohnnyE

      Haha well…I have seen better escapes 🤣 but it shure was fun to watch! 😎

    • Kommander 77

      did you have to choose agressive approach or were you able to choose from agressive and stealthy since stealthy was the 1st one you did

    • Digital Car Addict

      @Red Clay 2:47 support crew and Lesters cut

  53. Eragon Shadeslayer

    Yo i just did this hiest today and i only got paid $120,000 which for all this work it was the worst paying job on gta 5 i was pissed and i got 70% of the take so im pissed cause thats 4 days of hard work wasted

    • Eragon Shadeslayer

      @Richard Liddy this was 8 months ago rockstar may have fixed the payment issue by now

    • Richard Liddy

      Well ure shit at the game

  54. RussWestbrook500

    Yo Glooks bro I really appreciate it. Im doing this approach wanted to see how it plays out.💯💯

  55. Cherryann Mark

    Can you turn on people can send friend requests to you cause I was wondering if you can do the casino heist with me plz

    • Digital Car Addict

      I have that turned off because too many people were sending friend requests. I only do heists with my moderators at the moment. Sorry man

  56. respectjayy

    idk why but how come u don’t have armored guards but I do?

  57. El Rubio

    16:40 That is The only moment where police is cool after 7 years ._.

  58. Mental Wherehouse

    How do you get pipe bombs to be in the hiest

  59. scott Kohr

    When the Asian girl gives lester the corona virus

    • United Network


  60. Stari i Mahalles

    Ty now i know how to play this heist to get all the money

  61. ThatGuyCanmanNC

    Ha I ruined my thing, picked the worst people (can’t change it) picked the silent one (can’t change it) and the most I can get is 600k in total and I would play with my 2 friends so I would get $200k.

  62. Shyamal Mavani

    What was the point in doing the reinforced armour prep. They didnt wear the reinforced armour.

  63. Cris Cruz

    Ok what i dont get is why not leave through the same tunnel you came in? And why the hell were the cars parked so far.away.

    • Scar

      because the tunnel caved in and the car spawns are random

  64. Levi Fitzgerald

    What driver did you use


      cool,we got $3.5 million with just 2 players 😀

  65. black heptagon The Killer [TKT]

    I’ve done the casino heist few times and still earning money

    • black heptagon The Killer [TKT]

      I scoped out gold few times

  66. Cute and Fluffy Pikachu

    4:43 those eyes tho 😍😍😍🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  67. Josh Moreno

    How many times can you do the casino heist?(as a host)

    • Josh Moreno

      @Riviscira1323 aight bro thanks for the info

    • Riviscira1323

      @Josh Moreno if you just finished it, lester should call you when it will be available again, if not check the set up board

    • Josh Moreno

      @Riviscira1323 damn ight thanks for the info bro!(btw one more question, how do I replay the heist?)

    • Riviscira1323

      @Josh Moreno yes but you have to choose another way to do it and do the whole set up again

    • Josh Moreno

      10 Legenda4L so you can just replay it again and again?

  68. Max Schymkowitz

    i dont know why but its good content all the way

  69. Joe Iginla

    Can I use my own guns for this heist

  70. iFrxgz _

    I get armored guys I have to fight everybody else gets the guards

  71. whateverchump

    Helpful Tip: in the room in front of the staff lobby exit, there is a button someone will have to hold, when holding said button it opens a secret vault you’ll be able to see when opening it, inside the vault is bonus money you can collect

    • Mike Wazowski

      you can only get that sometimes, when lester promps it…

  72. .2ZB 〽

    Dude I completed all three types of the heist the easiest ones for me were The Big Con & Aggressive

  73. Eric L

    I’m just tryna find a way to do it better for more money

  74. Sellcapalot -

    Wow I just played it with my friend and got 1.5

  75. The Patriot TB12

    🤣 Happy Ending Part 2

  76. Almighty Rasen

    9:20 *bomb voyage walks out*

  77. Jxck

    Ur probably the best you tuber Ive seen for the casino heist👏💪

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