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  1. Susan NICHOLSON

    Much more concerned about Carola RACKETE and her heroic disembarkment of 42 immmigrants in Lampedusa.

    • Oscar Maximo

      You said well, immmigrants, not rescued people.

  2. diez tormenta

    As you can see.. You should never dress a bird nest on tops, is not suitable for queens.

  3. luisella grasso

    Che pizza…..che vita monotona 😜

  4. Jenny Piper


  5. Nancy Hobson

    The gorgeous HATS the Queen wears-along with her bright smile…..say no more!

  6. Angela Buyck

    How do they keep the hats on

  7. Go To

    One of the last times youll see Andrew in Public with the Queen. Hes gone into Exile.

    • magna czagany

      Sitting in the Queens carriage going to Ascot is not going into exile. Andrew thinks he can pull it off by ignoring his past.

  8. Debra Hitchman

    The carriages with the horses look super 💜

  9. Erzsebet Deer

    After THE QUEEN Kate and Camilla is comprehend each other DO SO WELL and also PRINCESS ANN and SOPHIE just look so SUPERB….

    • Peter Williams

      I totally agree with you. Kate & Camilla both looks Elegant.

  10. Chris Deansy


  11. Vazir Vazir

    Hi Good morning, PLZ help ME SELF PANNA MUDIYDHU, first lady kodungel, Thanks,

  12. Tome XVIII

    My respect 🙂 to the Queen

  13. Shemi Rama

    Omg Id hate to be in the crowd w/ all those hats

  14. Vivian McClure

    Oh we love her so much…. wish she could be in Canada … shes someone soooooooooooooo many of us RESPECT… x

  15. Cedric Dean

    Harvard Oxford oil is such a coward.MEagan had a mother get over it.2019 even the United kingdom has bigots. What is you real name.go jump I. The Thames river you ignorant low life.

  16. joan smith

    Just LOOK at how BEAUTIFUL Kate is!!!! Just gorgeous. That dress suited her so well, especially the color. Ad the hat was sweet. She looks wonderful. Shell make a love queen folks!!

  17. Thananya Baker

    เห็นภาพคามิลล่าแล้วคิดถึงเจ้าหญิงไดแอนน่า นี่แหละเขาเรียกว่า แข่งเรืองแข่งพาย แข่งได้ แต่แข่งวาสนาไม่ได้ สงสารเจ้าหญิงไดแอนน่าจริงๆ

  18. Peter Williams

    I meant too many RUMOURS flying about about them, Charles,Camilla William &Kate relationship. Like them Fab Four… .. Charles, Camilla, William & kate
    The queen’s all our Favourite No:1

  19. S.E. Miller

    This was a beautiful entrance. So grand and lovely.
    The best part was no Meghan nor a mention of her.
    God save the Queen

    • Noah Einstein

      S.E. Miller, ok you got me. What’s your prob with Meghan?

  20. Maggie Edwards

    On the streets of the ordinary people, they would say the Queen is a real G ,that outfit , that hat , those colours 😍❤️👏🏾👏🏾👑🇬🇧💯

  21. Giovanni Galeazzi

    Quanto è bella la regina d Inghilterra

  22. Jacques Noël Franceschini

    Bonjour, altesse royale avec mes meilleures pensées et prières agréable journée à vous et vos proches collaborateurs votre dévoué serviteur Corse Jacques Noël FRANCESCHINI souverainiste français et ancien militaire réserviste de larmée de Mer française volontaire pour la Marine nationale française lors des évènements dans le golfe persique en 1990 hôpital militaire HIA saint Anne TOULON naval patriote français amoureux de mon pays dorigine FRANCE fier davoir servi mon pays dorigine FRANCE sous les couleurs française Corsica lan 2019 dans un petit village situé au cœur du massif des écrins que sainte Bernadette vous protège et vous bénisse richement paix et amour dans le monde entier 🇫🇷🇪🇺💒💗👍

  23. Helen Boula

    I do love the horses and wish to be there for the races. What a thrill. I h_vr a great love of horses. And Im a betting fool lol. Lights camera action.

  24. paperchain 123

    Why at 93 does HM look better that me?

  25. Jory Adamson

    Where was Mr. Jack Brooksbank?

    • Dawie Meyer

      busy making arangements for father in laws great escape to Spain after the Epstein murder

  26. Kathy Edens

    They seem to having a lot of fun.

  27. Michael Exman

    some really wonderful hats

  28. P M

    Look at this horrendous nonsense. Embarrassing.

    • Alvin Bocala

      Go back to your rat hole!

  29. Christine Wells-Leddon

    I so enjoy seeing what the Queen is wearing. She is such a dignified, gracious figure.

  30. Sami Shahzad

    Wonderful superb great Queen Elizabeth 2. The greatest Queen. God give good health and success in the world.

  31. ivan carlson

    Andrews got a finger like his father and his fathers father.

  32. Ellises Jurgens

    The slow sunshine chronologically damage because sturgeon ontogenetically snow but a cumbersome south africa. previous, private seat

  33. Norma Mimosa

    Greatly admire the Queen, love checking out the fashions, but sorry, horse racing is extremely cruel and should be banned.

    • Norma Mimosa

      @Jeremy Kirkpatrick – Ever been in the paddock where the horses leave the race track? It is appalling cruelty and breaks ones heart. Horses sweating, panting, limping and gasping for breath. That was the last time I ever went to a horse track/race.

  34. clintonfiske4prez

    Long live the Queen! Vivat Regina!

  35. V B

    I would love to know if Andrew have a job he always under his mother like a diaper. When Prince Charles come king I hope he kick it out your the palace



  37. Almudena Carnero

    Alo alo alo pli permi saludos personal mundo. Music clarion of london orquesta ok te suena para ellos es san joan reyes vals andreu orquesta reyes. Vals. Bervena para ellos grc grc grc. Sueba así v salve. Infiniti universo NASA. Suene en meri crismas ok para todos ok mundo san Andreu. Ok grc grc grc. Felicita. Ok colores. De vida por el siguiente mañana esto grc mundo grc sabéis nos dejan buen humor comedia buena grc saludos. Aplausos v un salve de gloria aleluya ángelus

  38. Free-Pete

    Truth be told, she is not a Queen, Never was one.

  39. Ernest Harper

    The Queen always looks beautiful. Everything is always in place.

  40. Anthony John

    WHERES FERGIE!??????????

  41. butterflybeatles

    How come God Save the Queen is not sung, anymore? Are we afraid to use the word, God?

  42. DiESEL


  43. michael hampton

    I wish air miles Andy would do one.Tosser

  44. donald coppersmith

    QE 2 a decorated ornament rose hat; the other women spangled hats at best!

  45. Mariela Richards

    Duchess of Cambridge classic and beautiful as usual, the future Queen of UK!!

    • Dawie Meyer

      that is now if Pakistan dont colonize the UK

  46. Claire Peace

    Very proud 🇬🇧 and the Queen Of Netherlands stunning and elegant as always x

  47. Adventure Life

    We miss Harry and Meghan

  48. Peter Grossett

    And their under starter orders….and theyre orf and its HRH in the lead by a crowned head. Followed by HRH, then HRH.

  49. Debra Bolton

    The Queen looks wonderful! She is always dressed impeccably in beautiful colors. I really enjoy seeing the millinery, the magnificent horses, the pomp and circumstance. The King and Queen of the Netherlands are a very handsome couple.

    • John Morgan

      Stop licking the bottom of people who think you are a peasant. The royals look down on you. To them you are nothing.

  50. Michael Le

    nu hoang sao nay ve tren do dia dang nhu asgard ………..
    nhieu kon kau ………………………………………

  51. นอมา อาแว

    ครั้งที่2ที่เดินทางไปเมื่อวันที่ 28 พฤษภาคม 2562 มีเซ็กซ์ เสร็จเรียบร้อย รู้สึกเจ็บ อวัยวะเพศชาย ขนาดฯ ขอจับดู เรายังไม่ให้จับเลยครับ

  52. Daniel T

    les Femmes regardent surtout les tenues vestimentaires lélégance aussi, dans les commentaires. Je fus étonné de lhumour, ainsi que des rires, du visage souriant, de Votre Reine. Women especially look at dresses elegance too, in comments. I was amazed at the humor, as well as the laughter, the smiling face, Your Queen.

  53. Im UR Boss

    That is a far episode in The Crown show on Netflix

  54. Chris Deansy


  55. Carmen Valdez

    Magestuosa y bella, con todo respeto!

  56. Chris Deansy

    No Im having all no rat film or loss ever in full in gold day one I have that not and God save you not GOD have you out for it all with child sold

  57. Derrick Catley

    i cjills multi ly loosing comtrol. v oh those sumer night s

  58. Kerstin Lindberg

    löjliga familjen är ute och finåker igen

  59. R E

    Camila dont belong there. Get so upset..

  60. Shirley Freeman

    Andrew always looks pissed off😤😡

    • Dawie Meyer

      I think he is a natural pissfoot

    • Erzsebet Deer

      just what exactly should be SO FANTASTIC EXITING TO HIM?????? he has been in this since decades and he is NOT RELAY IN THE HORSE SPORT…!!!!!!

  61. Int’l human Rights Oil tycoon

    They all look so cheerful and glorious 🥂. Thank goodness the ugly, servant chicken legs MEGAIN was not on this event 🤣😂😅…she’s probably busy getting her curly kinky greasy hair getting relaxer!

  62. Jenny Piper


  63. Pamela diez

    They all look so beautiful.and that race track is so stunning.England is a beautiful country.i really loved,traveling over there.and God bless the queen and her family.they all look beautiful.kates dress is so beautiful.very beautiful fully dressed.i love pomp.thank you.!!👍🔦😁💡💌💞

  64. Onlytymewilltell

    Omg the queen of the Netherlands is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!! SHOW STOPPER!

    • Maggie Edwards

      Onlytymewilltell they all looked beautiful 😍but look at the Queen dam that senior lady always is in point 😁👏🏾👏🏾

  65. Gil King

    Hide the little kids, Andrew is in the house.

  66. keiko iizuka


  67. Joaquin Painefil

    Make the Nazy Salute Again. Scumbag.

  68. Derek Timu

    Not many bowing these days. Many all with the cameras. The British gentlemen have forgotten their manners, keeping their headdress on while the royal family pass past.

  69. Rob

    One of the richest women in the world, and yet we the gullible, spineless British public pay her MILLIONS of pounds every year in Civil List money! How dumb is that! In a couple of hundred years’ time, when the monarchy has long been abolished, people will look back and laugh at our incredible stupidity.

  70. นอมา อาแว

    ขนาด เรา มีเซ็กซ์ ในความรู้สึก กับ ความเป็นจริง มันแตกต่างกัน? (ตามข่าวที่ได้จาก ..ครั้งแรก😲👈🏾✨)
    แต่ครั้งที่2ที่เราเดินทางไป กรุงเทพมหานคร ! (มีเซ็กซ์ เสร็จแล้ว เราไม่ได้ให้ 😝 ทำแบบครั้งแรกที่พบเจอกัน!

  71. Haunted Whispers

    This is one of the only times everyone in the world cares what someone is wearing. The Queen always wears something that is absolutely STUNNING!

  72. violin clasical Aguila violin and keyboard

    I like this festivals i like london country of Great. Genious

  73. Maggie Edwards

    Truly scrumptious you truly truly scrumptious ma’am the Queen is just beautiful no 1 style icon in England 🇬🇧😁

    • Dawie Meyer

      why inferiorate yourself so?

  74. Linda Ormond

    God bless you, your majesty such elegance just beautiful ,a refined royal procession

    • Dawie Meyer

      sell all those expensive jewelry and feed hungry children

  75. عقارات وأراضي المغرب

    We Princess we love you

  76. Jason Roberts

    God save the Queen. Long live the Queen.

  77. Erzsebet Deer

    at 3.42 Camilla and Kate look so much of a grace….

  78. Erzsebet Deer

    It is a good idea for to invite one of the other royal families…..

  79. Dolly Gottings

    Those white horses are beautiful. Love kates dress.

  80. Lauralei Cathell

    Simply beautiful!
    God save the Queen!

  81. coashddjj2

    Fantastic video, thank you. Everyone looked fantastic, but nobody can hold a candle to Kate.

  82. Cheryl Bruno

    God save the Queen! Love her!!

  83. Viviana Bell

    Fantastic 🌷
    The queen MaXima🌷
    The queen Elizabeth II🌷
    I 💗 you!

    • Dawie Meyer

      people who support aristocracy are their own single biggest enemy…

    • Dawie Meyer

      you will go to heaven for that

  84. karamazovkid

    Charles looks a little cocked and he looks back over his his shoulder like he is nervous in the service looking back anticipating the flight-path of an unidentified flying projectile. Camillia, true to form is wearing a hat that could be mistaken for the spare tire on a 56 T-Bird BUT it only seems that way since the top of this one has been nicely sliced off. Good improvement over previous models.

  85. Anuradha Inamdar

    Have seen Ascot races twice on ESPN.

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